Summer Camp

Summer Camp
June 28 - July 2, 2023

We are so excited for all God has done at Summer Camp again at Crossings Camp in Bagdad, Kentucky! Camp was from June 28-July 2 this year and the students all had a blast! Check out our recap video:

Bagdad, Kentucky

Cedarmore rests on 600 acres of rolling hills and beautiful woodlands. Get ready to be surrounded by cedar-filled forests, serenaded by the sounds of crackling campfires, and mesmerized by star-filled skies. Cedarmore boasts a wide range of high-energy and premium activities — from zip lines and bazooka ball, to escape rooms and fishing, and so much more.

Crossings Campus Map

Larry Davis

This year's speaker

Camp Speaker Larry Davis serves as the Next Generation Pastor at The Journey Church in Lebanon, TN where he has served for the last four years. He’s married to his beautiful wife Madison Davis and they have a daughter named Eloise and a son named Arlo. Larry’s passion is to pastor and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the next generation that they may come to know and treasure the One True God and allow Him to transform every sphere of their lives.

This year's theme


Day 1: Why follow Jesus?

We are all looking for something to follow, something to put our identity in. The world offers us many options: wealth, popularity, careers. The list goes on and on, but there is actually only one solution. Only one thing that can satisfy us in our search for identity. Jesus. We will spend the week looking at exactly why this is the case.

Day 2: He is Good - John 10:7-15

Jesus is good and just. He cares for us in a way the world never could. In a world that seeks to elevate itself with any means necessary, Jesus humbled himself. Jesus lowered himself for our sake, while we were yet sinners. The goodness of Jesus overflows onto us, if only we come to him.

Day 3: He is the Truth - John 14:1-6 

What a mess it is to find the truth in the world. “What is your truth?” “Follow whatever your truth is.” “My truth is different from your truth.” On and on, these twisted viewpoints make it feel impossible for us to understand what is true anymore. Jesus is the truth, the clear answer that the world so desperately is seeking in all the wrong places.

Day 4: He is Beautiful/ Worthy of Worship - John 12:1-8

The world values superficial beauty, and physical beauty but what can this beauty do? It is temporary and fading, and it helps no one. Jesus is beautiful, he is beautiful inside and out. It is this beauty that saves, the loving heart of Jesus. This beauty seeks out the lost and lays down his life for the world.

Camp Schedule


7:30am Breakfast
7:40am Group Leader Meeting
8:35am Morning Recreation Rotation
9:35am Bible Study


11:45am Lunch
12:35pm Free Time
1:00pm Point of Impact Activities
3:00pm Afternoon Recreation Rotation
5:50pm Church Connect


5:45pm Dinner
7:30pm Worship
8:20pm Church Checkpoint
10:15pm Shack Time Rotation
11:15pm Lights Out


Bazooka Ball

Zip Lines

Escape Rooms

Sports Fields

Tango Tower

Gaga Ball

Forms and Resources


What should I pack?      Download/View Packing List 
Will I Have Cell Phone Reception?

At Crossings, we pride ourselves on providing groups with a distraction-free environment. Therefore, cell service is very limited. We do provide Wi-Fi connectivity to adult chaperones only. All this information will be provided upon arrival.

Is There A Camp Nurse?

There will not be a camp nurse. We provide basic First Aid supplies and a First Aid Coordinator. More serious injuries can visit the closest hospital for medical help.

How Are Food Allergies Handled?

If you have a member of your group with food allergies, please make sure this is noted on their 2023 Crossings Medical Release Form. Our staff will do everything we can to accommodate them and keep our kitchen staff aware of the student’s needs. Please advise your student to find a member of the kitchen staff to discuss their options during mealtimes.

How will the students get to and from camp?

We will be taking three coach buses. The transortation cost is included in the camp cost.

What time are we leaving and returning?

We plan to be pulling away by 7am on the 28th and returning by 4pm on the 2nd. Leaders will be in touch with our progress on the return trip.

Should I send spending money with my student?

You certainly can. Crossings has a store to purchase gear and there are opportunities to purchase snacks. They do accept cash or you can also work with them directly to load money into an account for your student. Crossings is experiementing with this no-cash option this summer. When you register, you should get an email from them about this. They also collect an offering each year and the student has an option of giving money to their annual cause.