Redeemer Institute

The Redeemer Church Institute is all about creating an active and transformative learning environment that makes the Bible and theology accessible to everyone. The goal of the Institute is to equip the saints theologically for the work of the ministry both within and outside the church. 

    • Who: We encourage every missional partner and attender of Redeemer Church to participate in the Institute.
    • What: Core Classes, Seminars and Bible Studies*
    • When: The institute follows the school calendar by offering classes in the fall and spring semesters. 
    • Where: Redeemer Church 

Core Classes

There will be 5 Core Classes offered regularly at Redeemer: Christian Belief, Christian Story, Christian Living, Christian Manhood, and Christian Womanhood. These 11-week classes will be 1.5 hours long and include: group discussion, homework, engaging lecture, and spiritual formation exercises.


Seminars will be offered periodically and will have a range of lengths and topics. We will offer seminars on the Gospel, finance, marriage, parenting, and more! 

The One-Year

Coming in 2025, The One-Year will be an intensive one-year (36-week) discipleship program that immerses participants in systematic, Biblical, and practical theology. This program will be the means of training and identifying future leaders. 

Ministry Apprenticeship Program

A program dedicated to training future pastors and ministry leaders. There are two tracks involved in this program:

  • Pastoral Track: For men only, those who are aspiring to be a pastor/elder.  This track is overseen by the Institute pastor.
  • Ministry Track: For men and women who desire to grow in leadership in the context of a specific ministry at Redeemer. This track is overseen by a specific ministry pastor and/or director. 

Bible Studies

More information about Bible Studies will be coming in the near future. 

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Ministry Serving Opportunities

There is always a need in one of our main ministries for teachers, helpers, and leaders in various positions. Click below and find a place to use your spiritual gifts!

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Associate Pastor: Institute 

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