Biblical Soul Care

What is Biblical Soul Care?

You might know it as biblical counseling, intentional discipleship, mentoring, or other names. We would define it as speaking the truth in love anchored in the Word of God, depending on the Spirit of God, and practiced in a community of believers. It is more of an overarching term and a cultural philosophy of care than a counseling method.

We believe it is time to redeem the word counseling to mean what God intended in Scripture. Good Christian counsel, or soul care, is biblically based, Spirit-led, and Christ saturated counsel that brings about Christ-likeness, true soul rest, and targets lasting heart change. It is much more than a counseling method; it is a cultural philosophy that should affect every part of body life of a healthy, growing church. We have a great desire to see soul care returned to the church. We have a strong conviction that the most hurting individuals should be able to be cared for within the church.

For more detailed information regarding our views on counseling you can read Redeemer Philosophy of Counseling on our distinctives page, under About Us.

Are you looking for help? 

Biblical Soul care works with individuals, couples and families as they face various challenges and concerns in life.  If you would like to talk with someone or get more information regarding Biblical Soul Care here at Redeemer, please fill out this form.

Do you want to help people?

What would our church look like if we had an army of trained counselors set up to bring hope and healing to broken marriages, people lost in the despair of depression, and broken families?  If you have a heart for helping others and want to learn more about Soul Care method, consider attending one of our Biblical Soul Care classes, offered periodically throughout the year.

If you have additional questions about serving through Biblical Soul Care, please contact us at .