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Redeemer Students exists to glorify God through
the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

We're a group of students that love Jesus Christ and exist to praise Him! We desire to push students towards loving Christ, and to support parents as they do the same. From Fall retreats and summer camps, mission trips, serving opportunities, student-led prayer, discipleship groups and weekly meetings, we aim to create an environment where students thrive in Christ. 

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High-school is going through the book of Ephesians and junior-high is going through Genesis 1-3 in January & then the 10 Commandments until May. Stay up to date on what we're talking about in Student Ministry on our podcast.

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Family Worship is an important part of developing spiritual discipline. We encourage all our families to practice what Donald Whitney outlines in his book Family Worship.

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1. What does a typical night at youth group look like? 

Wednesday nights start at 6:30pm, however students can come earlier around 6pm to mingle and chat before we start. Once it starts, we head into the student room to do announcements and then have worship. Following this, we have the high school students hear their sermon and send the junior high students to do journals or play in the gym until the first sermon is done. Afterwards, the high schoolers will go to their small groups until the end of the night. While the junior high students will go to listen to their sermon. Then, after the junior high students finish their sermon they have a short small group time. Students are then welcome to stay later and we usually keep the gym and lobby open to hang out and mingle until 9:45ish. 

2. What do small groups typically look like?

Small groups usually last between 15-45 minutes depending on how long the sermon is or how attentive the students remain. Leaders will ask questions pertaining to the sermon and try to engage the students to ponder and answer the questions honestly. The point of small groups is to bring accountability and intentionality with the students. The leaders desire to point the students towards Christ and engage their hearts to hear the truth. We exist to proclaim Christ and the good news of life through Him. 

3. What is the motivation or purpose of youth group?

Redeemer Students exist to proclaim the gospel in order to present students mature in Christ (Col. 1:28). We desire to build a ministry that is part of the church to point and guide students towards Christ. Our aim is to please the Lord through this ministry and provide tools for these kids to grow in the Lord. However, this is a supplement alongside church, not a substitution for a healthy church body where you can worship alongside believers of all different ages. 

4. Who oversees the youth ministry?

JT Stead is the Student and Outreach Pastor for Redeemer Rockford Church. He has been leading in this ministry for almost 5 years, helping it grow and flourish through teaching and shepherding the students' hearts towards Christ. Alongside him, works his administrative assistant, Keziah Rynne, to help manage and communicate with families involved in the ministry. 

5. Does the youth group provide outside events?

Yes! We love having fun game nights, holiday celebrations, and extra times to mingle. Specifically, we provide a Rooted Fall Retreat, a Galentines breakfast for the girls, a Young Adults Conference for the high schoolers, and Summer Camp for all students. These special events are an extra cost, but a wonderful way to provide fellowship, build trust, and cultivate lasting friendships. 

6. How do you go about choosing leaders? Are they safe to be leading the students?

When choosing leaders, many of them have already grown up in the ministry or been a part of the church for quite a while. They usually come to us and fill out a form to join the team. We then meet with them and ask questions to get to know them better. Then we have them go through a thorough background check to make sure they are safe to watch the kids. Before we approve, we have to make sure all is clear for them to proceed, but we do have a clear process and make sure to see fruit and understanding of the gospel in their lives before they lead the students. 

7. What are prayer journals?

Prayer journals are a way to help our leaders communicate with the students in a personal format. Students are asked questions and then write responses to them in the journal. This allows the leaders to take them home to respond and pray for each of the students throughout the week. It creates a reminder for the leaders to pray and a place for all the students to open up about themselves in a different context. 

8. What does worship look like?

Worship is 15-20 minutes where we sing approximately 3 songs. We love having our students involved in the band so many of them are our own high school students and some of our leaders. We try to make this a time without distractions to praise our Heavenly Father in an honoring way. Our desire is to bring God glory and help the students' hearts be ready to hear the Word of God preached. 

Pastor JT Stead

Student Ministries Pastor

Read his bio here or contact him via  .

Keziah Rynne

Student Ministries Admin

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Student Ministries Team

Pastor JT Stead

Student Ministries Pastor

Read his bio here or contact him via  .

Keziah Rynne

Student Ministries Admin

Contact her with any questions regarding the ministry via