February 9, 2022 6:45pm - 8:15pm

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Class Summary

Who should take this class? 
Well, try to explain the plot of the Bible in one sentence. If you can’t, then this class can help you out. You probably know the majority of the stories in the Bible, but you haven’t thought through how they all connect together. It’s as if you have looked intently at all the pieces of a puzzle without putting it together!

Class Objectives 

This class will help you understand how all the books in the Bible present one overall story: 
Take the story of David for example. He is often praised for his great courage in confronting Goliath, However, his courage comes from being filled in the Spirit the chapter before. Actually, David’s story really begins in Genesis with Abraham’s family. So, if you don’t understand what God promised Abraham all the way back in Genesis 12, then you miss out on why David was chosen in the first place, and how God’s promises to David in 2 Samuel 16 fit into a much larger story that continues into the New Testament and today! 

This class will also help you understand the individual stories Found in the bible
Jesus is sent to Egypt with his parents in Matthew 2. In the next two chapters Jesus is suddenly an adult, subsequently baptized, endures the wilderness, and then heads up to a mountain to present a law to people. Do you know another story where anyone went to Egypt, was rescued, had an event with water and then went out into the wilderness and was taught a law from a mountain? We see the entire story of Israel retold and coming to fulfillment in the story of Jesus as a new Moses who has come to save Israel from their sins (Matthew 1:21). If you don’t know the OT story, you will miss out on how Matthew is framing his story about Jesus.

This class will help you understand your story: 
As we learn what God is doing in redemptive history, we will better understand how our own personal stories fit into a larger redemptive story. We can only understand the true significance of our lives when we understand the role we play in His Story!

Class 1: The PROBLEM & PROMISE (Genesis) – Humanity rejects God so God begins His restoration project through His promise to Abraham.
Class 2: The PEOPLE (Exodus-Joshua) - God fulfills His promise to Abraham’s descendants. 
Class 3: The PEOPLE (Judges-Malachi) - Israel fails God and is exiled but God’s redemptive plan continues.
Class 4: The PERSON (Gospels) - Jesus brings the Kingdom of God and accomplishes God’s redemptive plan by way of the cross.
Class 5: The PREVIEW (Acts-NT letters) - The church announces and displays in part God’s kingdom
Class 6: The PRESENCE (Revelation) - God restores creation and dwells with his people.

Special Notes:

  • Where: Slavic Gospel Association
  • There will be no class on Wednesday, March 2nd - let's all attend Prayer Night!
  • For questions, please contact Chris Jones
  • The class is free.
  • Registration required. Sign up here

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