Maybe you're planning your first visit to Redeemer. Or perhaps you've been attending Redeemer and are wondering what's next. Our aim is to help you get "plugged-in" as quickly as possible. These steps are designed for you to learn about Redeemer first - it's history, mission, vision, goal and DNA. Then, our goal is for you to learn where you fit - what your gifts are and where you can best use them to help build up Christ's church! 


Step #1 | Meet our Leadership

Come meet us at the Welcome Center. We want to get to know you. Step 1 happens every Sunday after both services.  Pastor John and Betsey, along with some of our other leadership will be there to meet you.

Step #2 | Consider Redeemer Class

Are you new to Redeemer, or been around a while but have never taken the next step toward becoming a Missional Partner? This Consider Redeemer class is for you. Week one focusses on Redeemer - it's history, missions, DNA, values and goals. Week two is all about you, your gifts and how you fit in here. Consider Redeemer runs the first Sunday of every month (and week two the second Sunday), during our 9:30am service:

  • June 5
  • There will be no Consider Redeemer class in July of 2022
  • August 7
  • September 4
  • October 2
  • November 6
  • There will be no Consider Redeemer class in December of 2022

Step #3 | Commit to Redeemer

Growing in Christ is a community project. Step 3 is a declaration that you are on mission with us as you become a missional partner (member) at Redeemer Church. Before filling out a Membership Application, we ask that you have:

  • Completed Step #2 - taken Consider Redeemer
  • That you are attending a Life Group
  • That you are serving at Redeemer

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